Amazon Book Pricing & Review Alerts

Using this free tool, you can scout any book’s price changes or new reviews.

How ReaderScout Works

Get Daily Price and Review Notifications

ReaderScout checks the price and review count daily for any book on Amazon for free.

 Receive alerts right in your browser window

 See the number of followers for an author account

 Save time from regularly checking books

 Notice changes quickly so you can take the necessary action

 Don’t miss out on price opportunities or reacting to negative reviews


Track What Matters

Find out about negative reviews or unexpected price changes before others, letting you react first before losing out! 

Get notified when:

 The number of ratings on a book changes

 The book’s price rises or falls

Since ReaderScout runs in the background, you’re only notified when a change occurs.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Download

Download Readerscout for free to your Chrome browser here

2. Sync With Amazon

Log in to, then open the  ReaderScout extension and click “Sync with Amazon” to add all your books

3. Get Notified

 Keep an eye out for the red “NEW” notification in the Chrome toolbar- you can’t miss it!

Does ReaderScout only track Kindle books? What if I want to keep track of a paperback?

ReaderScout works for kindle, paperback, hardback, and audiobooks.  Just make sure the right page is selected when you add the book to tracking.

How often does ReaderScout update?

Readerscout refreshes once every twenty four hours so you can stay up to date with reviews and prices.

Why does ReaderScout only let me track fifty books?

At ReaderScout, we’re excited to let you track books free of charge.  However, in order to stay free for everyone, we have to include some limitations to protect our resources.

Start Tracking Books Now